When we sold our last house with the help of Element Real Estate, they helped us pinpoint all the projects, both big and small, that we needed to do for a fast and easy sale, and our house sold in one weekend! Not only did our house sell quickly, but we loved the way the house looked and felt when we were finished getting it ready. So now we have asked Jessica Bridge of Element for her expert home improvement advice for home sellers so that we can enjoy our current home (which we have no intention of selling anytime soon) as much as the new buyers enjoyed our last home. So whether you are planning on selling your home soon, or just wanting to polish up your forever home, this series is for you.  

COMING SOON: It's easy to get caught up with too many projects when you're getting your house ready to sell; Jess helps us pinpoint a few that are totally worth your time and money. 

COMING SOON: With the help of this "So You Want To Sell Your House" checklist, you'll be ready to get your house on the market, get the best price for it, and have as low stress of a sale as possible.