Review of Botanical Bodywork and Beauty: If you have eyebrows and eyelashes in Vermont, this is relevant to you

May 14, 2019


So I know it's been kind of forever since I shared anything here, but honestly I have just been feeling like what has been going on with me has been so specific to my own life and circumstances it didn't make sense to share. Until now, because pretty much everyone has eyebrows, and about 40% of people I know do some level of eyebrow grooming, so this very well may be relevant to you.


A few weeks ago Krista from Botanical Bodywork and Beauty asked me if I'd be interested in coming to check out her new space and trying her Lash and Brow Rehab service. (Disclaimer, I received these services in exchange for sharing my opinion and experience with them, but all opinions are entirely my own.) I had been muddling along doing my own eyebrow grooming (mostly with the help of this Buzzfeed article)  since the salon closed where I used to get my eyebrows waxed every few months, but my brows were never quite as perfect and glorious as I wanted them to be, and in light of that Krista's offer sounded fantastic. The service involved brow shaping, and a lash and brow tint. 

I will admit I had a bit of a tricky time finding Krista's space initially, but that was mostly because her location is so new to her she wasn't on the sign outside the building yet. Once I did make it in I found myself wondering where she got all her stylish office furniture; the space was bright and light and quiet, without a lot of the trappings of a spa that generally make me feel out of place. No flute music with water sounds under it, no extremely dim lighting, no framed pictures of goddess statues; Krista's space felt fresh, clean, stylish, and professional, which put me at ease so much more than the usual attempts. 


Krista had a few good questions for me about what I was hoping for from the service before we got started, and did a great job of setting my expectations of what would happen throughout. I had none of the "ummmm, am I supposed to just lie here now?" sort of anxious internal questions I have found myself wondering at other spa experiences. 

The final product of my service was subtle and natural but elegant, and I'm really happy with the outcome. She didn't over-shape my brows, she just cleaned them up and tinted them very slightly darker than my usual color, which also achieved a more uniform color as I generally have lots of random blonde and gray hairs mixed in. It's been a week since the service and my brows have maintained their color so far, and I think generally look quite a bit healthier and more lustrous.


My lashes are a bit more subtle, the biggest difference being you can clearly see my lower lashes now without mascara, which isn't generally the case. Krista used a hint of violet tint in a dark brown mix, and if I go for this service again I think I will try a fully violet lash tint for something a little out of the ordinary. The skin surrounding my brows wasn't red or angry when the service was over, despite the waxing, which was a first for me. 


My biggest regret about the whole thing is I really flopped on getting clear before and after photos. This is the best "after" I managed, check out how shiny and fancy my brows & lashes look!


Here's me earlier the same day, vs after the service. I don't know how well you can really tell, but you can see my lower lashes from behind my glasses in the second photo, which is a feat unto themselves. My brows in general look a little fuller and more uniform. 




 So basically what I'm trying to say is, if you live in the general Burlington area, and your eyebrows and lashes are not everything you've ever dreamed of, you should probably go see Krista. 






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