Battle of The Longwear Lips: Unbiased Comparison of 7 Long Lasting Lip Colors Including Lipsense and Beauty Bakerie

August 25, 2017



I love lipstick. I feel like it brings my face to life when I am feeling blah. What I don't love is reapplying, and wondering if my color is still even or smudged. Enter the long last lipcolor. Somehow in the middle of writing my first cookbook, I found time to I try out seven different long lasting lipcolors from six different brands, and offer my unbiased review below. There are no affiliate links and I was not compensated in anyway for this review; I wanted to offer a truly neutral stance on the battle of Lipsense vs Beauty Bakerie et al. I tried each color for at least a full day, and most of them I tried over several days in different conditions. Without further ado, here's the reviews!

Lipsense by Senegence 
Best for: Weddings, Dinner Dates, Glossy Lips, People Who Are Good At Keeping Track of Small Objects. 
Not Great For: Saving Money, Matte Finish, Impatient People, People Who Like to Buy From Stores

Lipsense changed my mind about what a liquid lipcolor could be. Before trying Lipsense I had only thought of long lasting liquid lip color as something for special occasions, but I could happily wear my Lipsense every day. It really can last and last through almost anything, and as long as you reapply the topcoat of gloss before you eat it can withstand the greasiest, messiest meals. I have had my Lipsense last up to 18 hours without showing any signs of coming off. The biggest downside to Lipsense is the price point; to get started you need a color ($25), gloss ($20), and remover ($10) for a grand total of $55 to get started wearing Lipsense, but once you have all the components additional colors are only $25. They have a matte gloss option, but I have heard you really need both the matte and the glossy gloss if you want to try the matte, because it feels too dry alone. You can skip the remover and use coconut oil and a dedicated toothbrush, but the remover is more effective and also works as a primer. The second downside to Lipsense is it takes a while to put on; it's really not something you can do as you run out the door. It takes 3 careful coats of color, which have to dry with your lips not touching in between each coat, but in my opinion it's worth it for the long lasting color see video below for a tutorial of how to apply.) Lipsense is a MLM company, and can be bought through individual consultants, rather than at stores. I haven't had any trouble getting colors I want when I want them from my girl Kate, who does both online and in person ordering. My personal favorite color is Aussie Rose, both super wearable for everyday, but also enough color to be noticeable and fun. 


Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips 
Best for Lasting Matte Color, People Who Chew Their Lips, People with Sensory Issues
Not Great For Eating Greasy Food, People Who Want a Glossy Option

I had heard so many great things about Beauty Bakerie lip whips, I just had to try them. Like Lipsense you apply 3 coats of color, but there's no top coat. My favorite quality of the Lip Whips is the airy, hardly there feeling while wearing them. I have a bad habit of chewing my lips, and some sensory issues that make some thicker, gummier lipcolors really not work for me, but Beauty Bakerie's Lip Whips feel like you're wearing nothing on your lips. The color lasts beautifully, unless you eat something oily. The plus side to oil taking the color off is you don't really need to buy their remover, coconut oil works just fine! After a moderately oily meal of pasta with pesto sauce the color had only come off at the very inner parts of my lips. You could totally get through a dinner date in this, unless you are tackling a very messy sandwich or other greasy food that requires a lot of mouth wiping. I love that the company is owned by a woman of color, who made the excellent video below explaining some technical difficulties people may have with the Lip Whips and how to deal with them. I really like that she took the time to address these complaints herself. The price point while medium-high for a lipcolor, at $15-20 a color it is significantly less than getting started with Lipsense. You can buy directly from their website. I have heard amazing things about their metallic lip color as well, but haven't tried any of those myself.  This is definitely my pick for long lasting matte color. 



Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Best for: Lips That Stay Feeling Moist, People Who Like to Leave Kiss Marks Without Losing Color Coverage
Not Great For: People Who Wipe Their Mouths a Lot

I had read some negative reviews of this product, but wanted to give it a shot since it's one of the better known liquid colors out there. I actually loved the way this color felt on my lips, and it stayed on for 8 hours. The downside is while the color coverage stayed even over time, it came off on everything; cups, my hand, my kid, my food. It was kind of bizarre because the color kept coming off, but somehow still looked even on my lips. So unless you're out to leave your mark with your lips, at $20 this is really too expensive for how it performs. 

Rimmel Provocalips 16 hr Kiss Proof Lip Color
Best For: Long Lasting Color Under $20, People Who Like Stuff That Feels Like Lip Balm, People Who Are In a Hurry
Not Great For: Eating Really Crunchy BLTS, People Who Like Matte Finish Color

I'll be honest, this was probably my favorite product for everyday wear that I tried, only because of how fast and easy it is to put on relative to how long it lasts. The color only takes one coat, and I like that the top coat feels more like lip balm than a sticky gloss. The color lasted all day no problem, but did feel a little thick compared to Lipsense or Beauty Bakerie. This would have topped Lipsense for me, except it really didn't stand up to meals as well. Overall if you are looking to get started with liquid lipcolor and you want to spend under $10, this is your best bet. Available at most drugstores for $7.99. Here's a great video review from YouTuber Bargain Princess, who loved this as much as I did.



Maybelline Super Stay 24 Liquid 2 Step Color
Best For: Honestly Not Really Anything.

Not Great For: People Who Ever Want to Get All Their Color Off, People Who Want Even Coverage All Day

This was the only real dud I tried. The inner part of the color came off after less than an hour, without even eating anything, and the color felt thick and gummy on my lips. The top coat smells chemically. The worst part is at the drier outer parts of my lips, it was nearly impossible to get off without sandblasting my face. Overall impression; not impressed. 


Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick
Best For: Long Long Wear Lip Color In a Stick
Not Great For: Lasting, Even Color

After the total failure of the liquid color, I wanted to give another product in this line a try. This was the only long lasting stick color I tried. It feels very dry to put on, and like the liquid color was very difficult to remove, but when it's on it's a perfectly acceptable matte color that lasts pretty well in average conditions. If you want a long lasting lip color but don't want a liquid, this is a perfectly viable option. Available at most drugstores for $3.99. 


L.A. Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color 
Best For: Trying Something New Without Spending $$$, Matte Color Under $20

Not Great For: Eating Donuts or BLTs

This was the real surprise of the bunch. This is really great matte liquid color for $2. It doesn't last quite as well as the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips, and it goes on a little cakier, but at 1/10th the cost that's a small price to pay. This would be a great way to try out a bold new color without a lot of commitment, or try out matte lipcolor before investing in the Lip Whips. I got this in a purpley berry color and will definitely wear it from time to time for something different. 

With all of these lip colors you will get better performance if you make sure to stay hydrated and apply to exfoliated lips. Here's a link to a great DIY exfoliating lip scrub you can make with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now that will help you create the perfect canvas for your favorite color. I have not included an evaluation of ingredients in this review, but ratings can be found for most products on Environmental Working Group's website. Have you tried any and all of these? What was your experience? Is there an awesome product I left out? Please tell me about it! 


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