Mermaid Ombre Hair Upkeep and Update: Nudging Towards Lavender Instead of Green

July 24, 2017



One month ago Hey Jillian's YouTube channel debuted with my tutorial and review video of Splat's Ombre Dream hair color kit. After a month of washing, styling, and sun, the color had faded significantly, with some of the purple washing out entirely and exposing some brassy blonde, and much of the underside of my hair had turned from blue to green. We are currently caring for my father in law at my house while he recovers from foot surgery, so my husband is trying to get all his work done from home in between appointments and phone calls for his dad's care, and I really don't have a bunch of time to myself available right now to spend in the bathroom with chemicals on my head, unavailable to care for my son. At the same time, the blah color of my hair was adding to the blah feeling I was getting from our family being a little stressed lately, and I wanted to do something about it.

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A week ago I was running one of many recent errands to the drug store, and I meandered down the hair color aisle while I was there. The Splat Colorizing Conditioner caught my eye. The directions called for leaving it in for 5-20 minutes depending on your desired results, so I figured it fit into my time constraints and was worth a shot. The box says to use the enclosed gloves, but there were no gloves in the box. That being said after a week of use my hands have not been tinted by the conditioner at any point. I tried using it as deep conditioning treatment when I first got it, and left it in for 20 minutes, and I certainly did not see the results depicted on the box. Not ready to give up, I decided to try using it as my every-wash conditioner to see if regular use could nudge my hair color back in the purple-silvery direction I would prefer it fade to. I used it four times over the course of the last week, and I am really happy with the results. Almost every trace of green is gone, and all of the previously dyed hair is either purple, lavender, or silvery blue. I have gotten many complements, and several people have asked if I had a whole new process professionally done.

 I would think this product would also be excellent for toning brassy blonde hair. Purple sits opposite yellow on the color wheel, and just like yellow under eye concealer can cancel out the purple of undereye circles, purple conditioner can cancel out the yellow in your bleached hair. This goes for the green tint in my hair as well, it cancels out the yellow, leaving me with silvery blue hair in the areas that were previously green. I would think you could also use this conditioner on blonde hair for a very subtle, very temporary hint of lavender. I wouldn't bother using it as a deep conditioning treatment, as the results from 20 minutes with it on my hair were the same as just using the in course of a regular shower.


I am excited to see how the color changes as the original dye continues to wash out and the conditioner keeps depositing small amounts of purple. My hair feels healthier and looks shinier than before I started using this conditioner. I intend to keep using this as my every-wash conditioner until I am ready to dye my hair a different color. I am thinking perhaps a rich auburn for fall, that's a hue I've never tried, but with lots of Scottish and Welsh heritage, I have natural auburn highlights in my light brown hair, very fair skin, and I am hoping it will look relatively natural on me, if a bit more dramatic than my natural color. I have talked to the color consultants at Madison Reed and they have assured me their products would go over my current color no problem, with some natural ombre effect on the bleached sections. I am using my Pixies & Lipstick Pinterest board to keep track of all the beautiful auburn locks that catch my eye over the next month or two. Here's a few I am loving for fall: 

 Let me know if you try this conditioner in Violet Vixen, or any of their other colors. I would be really curious to hear about your results!




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