Seven Tips for a Peaceful Toddler Short Haircut at Home

June 27, 2017


I have had several requests online, and what feels like endless in person requests, to share tips for how I cut my son's hair at home.  While most of the parents I have spoken to sound daunted, it's really less nerve wracking than cutting their fingernails. I only use one tool, a clipper set with varying guard lengths. (This is an affiliate link, which means I get a tiny bit of money if you use this link to buy this item. You can see my statement on affiliate links here.) I really don't feel comfortable holding scissors near my unpredictable toddler's face and eyes, and the clippers are basically impossible to hurt him with, except with a bad haircut if I make a wrong swipe, and even that is pretty hard to do. 

Most of all I encourage you to prep your toddler and talk to them about their upcoming haircut. When it's time, let them check out your tools, move at their pace, and take breaks when they need them. As strange as it sounds, I learned almost everything I needed to know to peacefully cut my toddler's hair from Janet Lansbury. I would highly recommend you check out this article as further reading, whether you are planning to cut your child's hair at home or at a salon. The first time I turned the clippers on for his first haircut around 12 months, he screamed and cried. So I unplugged them and let him calm down while he safely inspected the clippers, and didn't start the haircut again I until he was totally calm. He was also very distracted by them the first time, so he kept trying to look at them, which made the haircut take about 45 minutes. Now three haircuts later, he's happy as a clam and it takes us 10 minutes. If your child is starting with more than a few inches of hair, I would use hair ties of divide it into a few small ponytails, and cut off the ponytails so you are starting with no more than 3" of hair when you use the clippers.

Without further ado, here's the video on Seven Tips for a Peaceful Toddler Haircut at Home. Let me know if they work for you!




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