Dusty Corner Turns Into Colorful Home Office for Under $75

June 13, 2017

I posted recently about how my husband and I decided to move out of our master bedroom and into our much smaller guest room. You all told me you loved that transformation, so here's another one for you! We are taking advantage of our big master bedroom by making it very multi purpose: it is a home office, home video studio, guest room, family media room (we love not having a TV in the living room, and we all snuggle on the guest bed when we do watch something together), and dressing room! The big project was the home office, so that's mostly what I'll cover here, but I will do a slideshow of the rest of the room at the end of the post. 


I had done a geometric mural in my son's room at our old house, and it was so fun and easy I knew I wanted a version of that for this project. 

 I didn't want as busy of a pattern for the home office so I could use it at the backdrop for some YouTube videos, so I made much larger shapes. I just taped off the shapes with painters tape, and mixed leftover paint we had from other projects in with some white to create a few semi-pastel colors to work with. I filled in the shapes, and voilà, super fun mural. For the confetti looking fill, I carved a triangle potato stamp and used that with the same paint.

Now that I had a fun background, I needed a desk! I had two small shelves that used to support our changing table, which our son has long outgrown. I used these to support the top of the desk. You could build similar shelves yourself pretty easily, they are just pine 1" stain grade boards from the lumber yard, that I then painted.  The top of the desk is MDF, which I chose because it would be strong enough to withstand a fair amount of weight and not sag at all like wood may have. I had the MDF custom cut to exactly the size I needed, and it was incredibly rewarding when it fit perfectly in place between the wall and the trim! I added a small wall bracket reinforced with wall anchors under the left hand front corner to support the part of the desk without shelves beneath it. I picked up a couple small desk accessories and the pineapple cork board at HomeGoods.

Now I use this desk every day. It was so worth the couple afternoons I spent working on this to have a bright and functional space to work at home. Here's the finished product, along with the rest of the room. Since the guest room has a pretty small closet, I just keep the clothes in my current capsule wardrobe in there, and the rest that are out of current rotation, as well as special occasion clothes, stay in the closet in this room. Would you ever consider moving out of a big master bedroom to make better use of the space? We are so happy we made this decision, we never could have fit this multipurpose space in our old guest room.










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