Grandma House Turns Bright Midcentury

May 8, 2017

It was just over a year ago that we accepted a buyer's offer on this house, and sold it a few months later. It was my first home I ever owned, and I will always love it. We fell in love with this funny little place from the moment we saw the MLS listing, and about 20 minutes after we arrived to the showing, we let our realtor know we wanted to make an offer.

Three years, a whole lot of paint and projects, and one kiddo later, it was time to move to a slightly bigger place with a real yard. All after photos of this house are from the extremely talented Dwelling Photography.  Other than the bathroom, which we ripped down to the studs, installed all new plumbing and fixtures (including a soaking tub!) and cost $3500 total, each room cost an average of $125 to fix up. Check out the afters below!
















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