Living with depression and attention issues, I find I am constantly building elaborate systems in order to function, and fostering new coping skills to do my best with what I've got. While I may have my challenges, I am blessed to have a wellspring of creativity that helps me manage. I'm here to be your internet friend who is always working on some problem solving, and sharing what I've learned, as I learn it.

I'm a socially anxious oversharer and culinary school graduate who loves baked goods, evidence-based decision making, thrifting, jazz fusion, and getting in over my head with DIY renovations. I'm married to a very reasonable and hilarious computer programmer who is also a guitar god and martial artist.  We are raising our intentionally only-child in a vaguely secular humanist manner. Born at home in 2015, he is fully vaccinated, and thus far naturally fastidious and caring, and for that I am grateful.  Aspiring urban homesteaders, we live with our backyard laying hens in Burlington, Vermont. 

When I started this blog, I looked at other bloggers writing about similar topics, and asked myself "what's different about you?" What's different, is that I am living a relatively average life. We are a one income family and my husband is in grad school. Our house is outrageously imperfect. I can't spend $200 on jeans, or $10K on my kitchen. We're making an extraordinary life on a very ordinary budget.  

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Hey Jillian features articles on self-care and mental health, budget beauty, parenting, recipes and meal planning, DIY home improvement projects, and product reviews relevant to people who are interested in those things. xoxo Jillian
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